Started in 2022, My Strata Community’s goal is to reach over 1,000,000 strata residents.

Offering strata residents the opportunity to search, find or list any person or building service provider that interacts with their strata community.

My Strata Community’s primary goal is to add value to residents of strata buildings by improving their access to crucial building information.

Everybody wins. Residents are made privy to strata living information that affects their day-to-day living. Strata Committees benefit from this building awareness as it facilitates the maintenance and repair of common property. Strata Managers will appreciate not being the only ‘go to source’ for residents and prospective tenants.

Start spreading the news, with My Strata Community, residents can now list their business or classified for free.

Only building service providers pay for advertisement.

Interested in advertising with My Strata Community?