Creating a productive and healthy home work space

It all starts by taking hourly breaks

Working from home can be extremely challenging if you live in a new building, surrounded by other buildings under construction. The noise and dust can seriously get on your nerves and actually be counterproductive to your work.

Proactively acting via contributing with information will actually avoid you having to passively suffer all things, strata related

Set aside 10 mins a day to update your building’s facebook and if there isn’t one? Then, delight in the possibility that My Strata Community offers strata residents like you. Simply post information on our Notice Board or Forum for free.

Set the standard by being the first to keep your neighbours informed. As this will have a domino effect and avoid having to put up with things you weren’t made aware of like: a broken lift, facilities out of order, fire alarm testing, to name a few.

– My Strata Community Team

Access to local strata community information will make working from home more productive as you won’t be (easily) distracted by unexpected common property issues.