Mr. David Chandler Resigns

This past week, information was leaked about the NSW Building Commissioner’s resignation. This bombshell has occurred weeks after Mr. Chandler’s announcement about how he was starting to meet up with strata managers to discuss ways of reforming the way they approached the litigation strategy of the strata buildings which they manage.

According to Mr. Chandler, 39% of Strata Buildings have serious defects.

“This is not news. The two ends to this challenge involve those buildings where a more reputable developer remains in business, and sadly, where no one remains to be held accountable. There’s every variation in between. In some instances, these defects may eventually impact the ability of these buildings to remain occupied until they are fixed.”

Mr. David Chandler

Wherefore, this article is directed to: –

Existing OCs who are doing nothing to address defects, or who are caught in a litigation spiral.

New OCs who need to know that the most effective time for issuing rectification orders is during Pre-Occupation Certificate Audits!

It is the developers and builders job to use every opportunity to procrastinate. if you are a strata unit landlord, it is yours to make sure your strata committee and strata manager are protecting your investment property!

Do not allow litigation costs to intimidate your strata scheme into submission.

The MyStrataCommunity team is sad that NSW Government has accepted Mr. Chandler’s resignation. If not by the Government, he will be most certainly missed by us consumers.

Who will care about defects now?