Gas Hybrid better than (EGN)

At MyStrataCommunity, we think there is a lot to be said regarding the set-up of electrical and gas services in new strata buildings. To being with, we highly recommend unit investors to ask the selling agent to obtain in writing from the developer or builder, information on how the energy supply to the building will be set up? As once you have bought into that strata scheme, you are stuck with the Embedded Network Provider (ENP).

Alternatively, strata unit purchasers should make sure these items are discussed at the First Annual General Meeting (FAGM) to ascertain handover of services contracts are in the hands of the owners’ corporation!

A lack of building knowledge on behalf of strata and/or building managers generates a trickle-down effect. Consequently, affecting property managers and reselling agents down the track – who in turn, deliver erroneous information to potential buyers or prospective tenants…

My Strata Community team

To avoid misinformation or misrepresentation, some preambles are in order: –

  • Lot owners should ask the Builder of the building in question to confirm if Gas services have been set-up as a hybrid? As in some cases, electricity is with an ENP, but Gas services may not be.
  • Once lot owners have confirmed there is no individual gas meter servicing a lot, then they must ascertain that there is no contract in place with an EGN?

The easiest way to check is by asking your strata committee, strata managr or building manager (if any) to visit the external plant enclosures located usually at front of property, to see if there is a boundary meter (Gas regulator) present? Meaning, that it is supplying gas into each unit and that there is no individual gas meters within the unit or riser cupboards located in common areas.

In theory, the absence of an EGP, should make it cheaper for Residents as The Owners Corp. can: –
a) Decide how they apportion the cost of cooktop gas per unit, and
b) Apply (i.e. Motion at AGM is adopted) a daily cooktop rate for its usage (pay-per-day) and per unit

In practice, the Embedded Network Provider (ENP) for Gas (EGN) will charge residents for:-

* Gas consumption for the Hot Water usage which is metered individually via a sub-meter located in the riser cupboards of your floor.
* Gas consumption for the cooktop is NOT metered individually.

The MyStrataCommunity Team