Strata Living Made Easy

There is no such thing as second class residents!

All residents have equal rights. Whether you are a tenant or an owner-occupier, you have the same rights and responsibilities with relation to your use of common property.

With My Strata Community, you will be able to access precious building information. You too will be able to enjoy the supposed ‘peaceful enjoyment’ every resident should be entitled to!

Prospective tenants will love this even more

Thanks to My Strata Community, existing residents, strata committees and building service providers will be able to communicate with new tenants prior to their move in date. This streamlining of things is intended to render moving procedures stress-free.

If you are service provider such as an end of lease cleaning company or removalist, then My Strata Community is a Godsent to your business.

Quality service always trumps having to discount as new tenants don’t want added stress.

– MyStrataCommunity Team

If you are currently renting, then you will get the most out of this guide, as there is no other platform out there that provides information at arm’s length and for free at that!