Taking steps towards a more inclusive strata building

Start by treating other residents the way you would like to be treated

In strata living, things can quickly get out of hands between residents as people don’t really understand what their rights and responsibilities are as a resident. A good place to start is by reading the By-Laws.

Residents are responsible for their guests’ conduct

Conduct by-laws regulate the use of common property by residents and their guests. These refer to the use of the visitor car park, car wash bay, gym, and common areas in their entirety. It’s important to upkeep common property but equally important is, the quality of residents. As nobody likes to live in a building full of trouble makers.

The quality of residents living in a strata building will determine the value of the property. As the tenure of common property will decline overtime but the decline in price will be immediate

– My Strata Community

If you have good neighbours, make sure you make them feel welcome so they stay. Get to know them over a coffee, be nice, inclusive, as in strata living, your future neighbours might just make your life miserable…